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Children's books with good messages are difficult to find. Finding books with pro-life messages is even harder. We want to teach our children about the miracle of every human life, the uniqueness of every human being, and the beauty of the family. Here are a few picture books with a pro-life message that your kids are sure to love.

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This beautifully illustrated activity book leads children into an exciting exploration of the Catholic Faith in an active, fun way.
Packed with more than a hundred learning activities such as coloring pages, word searches, and crossword puzzles, children are sure to grow in love and knowledge of God. Perfect for children ages 3 to 8.

 Join the princess as she discovers the value of her first kiss and experiences God's provision in a way she never dreamed!

The squire sets out on a quest to recover the Lantern of Purest Light
Little Saint Adventures Activity Book
The Princess and The Kiss
The Squire and the Scroll
Price: $14.99

Price: $12.99

Price: $12.99

A companion volume for The Princess and the Kiss.

A companion volume for The Squire and the Scroll. Drawing on their rich Evangelical Christian heritage, the authors present 21 "life lessons" taken from the story.
Life Lessons from "The Princess and the Kiss"
Life Lessons from Squire and the Scroll
Price: $10.49

Price: $10.49