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Talks that illuminate the benefits and nature of Natural Family Planning

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Testimonies from a group of clergy who have preached on contraception and Natural Family Planning, with a number of added resources: sample homilies, Scripture texts from various Sundays that readily lead to these topics, and more.

Due to the dominance of contraception,  reproductive medicine has fallen years behind available research in providing the most effective health care with the least harm to patients. On December 8, 2001 some of the best thinkers on this topic gathered at Ann Arbor, MI. The talks from this seminar are presented here. Reproductions of the slides, graphs, and other visuals from the talks are included.

The basic human questions: Why are we here, what does our life mean, how can I get the best out of life.
A Preachable Message
Rethinking Reproductive Medicine
God, Sex and the Meaning of Life
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Notes that woman’s true greatness lies in her ability to bring new life into the world
Woman: God's Masterpiece (2 CD set)
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